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Easygrip® was born from the vision of Massimo "Max" Puci, tennis coach at ATP level. Among the players trained in his career, Matteo Donati, Davis Cup Junior winner and double Junior finalist at Wimbledon , Andrej Golubev, winner of the ATP 500 in Hamburg in 2010, Most Improved ATP player in the same year, and doubles finalist in 2021 at Roland Garros.

The goal of Massimo and the project itself is to make the sport more accessible to everyone. In fact, for those approaching the racket sports, it can be difficult to learn how to use the correct grip. The time lost to master the technique is a lot, and once learned, it is still difficult to maintain it, risking to miss shot after shot.

A correct and firm grip is therefore the basis for learning.
 During one lesson, Max noticed just how one of his pupils struggled to find the right position, changing the grip continuously. Max
tried them all. One of the prototypes was even a racket with spikes
as a guide. Useful, but not comfortable.

One day, driving his car, and digging his fingers into the steering wheel, he had the intuition: a racket with an ergonomic grip, with which one could slide the fingers into the right position once grabbed. With time, and various experiments, we arrived at Easygrip®.

EasyGrip® combines essential ergonomics with a perfect grip, and innovative materials in racket sports. The development of the project has been brought to light working as a team, with the participation of Alberto Brignacca, Enrico Porro, and Antonio Puci. Experts of the caliber of Luigi Bertino, Gabriele Medri, and Danilo Pizzorno have contributed to the realization of Easygrip®.

After passing successfully various tests, with teachers and students of Tennis schools, Easygrip® has entered a new world, the padel. Provisioning an instrument that provides a flawless grip for people playing for fun.

EasyGrip® is now available in a Tennis and Padel version for everyone, from young students to seasoned veterans. However, we continue to experiment in other rackets’ sports, like Pickleball, real mania in US.