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Easygrip innovation


Easygrip® is the new approach to sport,
more immediate, simple and fun.

A solution created to make the learning process fast and intuitive, the result of a career as a coach at the highest levels.

With the perfect grip,
the technique comes naturally

The moulding guides the hand for a technically perfect grip and accustoms the player to keep it during all shots. In this way, the athlete masters the correct technique naturally. Improving instantly, from the first shot.

Improve the game feeling

The combination of ergonomic grip and latest generation expanded polyurethane materials allows for maximum sensitivity during the game, allowing the athlete to quickly acquire the balance between control and power.

Train with more comfort

Each racket boasts an ergonomic design, made with hypoallergenic and soft to the touch material, which allows for long use, helping to prevent limb fatigue and reduce the possibility of injury and trauma.